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Boyndie Bee Balms


Spring Bee

Put a spring in your step with this zesty and uplifting Boyndie bee balm.

Refreshing Cypress, toning Lemon, and restorative Marjoram essential oil.

These properties work deeply to nourish and moisturise your skin, while giving you increased clarity, and peace of mind.


Summer Bee

A lively balm of lime, rosemary and geranium are combined in this formula to refresh, tone, and energise the skin. Invigorating for both body and mind.

IMG_1752 (1).jpg

Queen Bee

 A sweet and floral blend which will benefit women of all ages. The balancing properties of Geranium essential oil are fused with the unique and beautiful fragrance of Neroli and light Lavender, this is a truly feminine massage wax.


Autumn Bee

This indulgent body massage balm helps you transition with Autumn more naturally, with nodes or Tangerine, Juniper & Cedarwood, to balances both the body and mind.


Blissful Bee

The ultimate blend for unwinding and the soothing of mind and body - with the sedative properties of Roman Chamomile combined with the light calming benefits of Mandarin and Lavender essential oils, this formula is ideal to use for relaxing treatments.

Back, neck, & shoulder massage

30 minutes - £45

Full body

60 minutes - £65


£5 add-on to any massage of choice.

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