Ultrasonic Pro-Collagen Lift Facial

£50 - 60 minutes

Ultrasonic facial therapy is a anti-aging, nourishing facial treatment using high level sound wave technology to penetrate below the surface of the skin, promoting cellular renewal, repair, and tone. The heat generated has positive effects on the connective tissues and fibres by increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygen supply to cells. Skin becomes tighter, youthfully, and plump, while aiding in the reduction of fine lines, and wrinkles, and also reducing the appearance of puffy eyes, and dark circles.

The secret to it's success is application of hyaluronic acid gel and high-energy ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, creating controlled micro-injury which stimulates the body's natural healing process to ramp up collagen production. 
Unique plant based collegen serum is used to deliver powerful active ingredients in their purest and most concentrated form for optimum results.

An exceptional active plant base collegen moisturiser is used to finish and complement this treatment to condition, enhance elasticity, firm and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

During your facial, you will also experience a full facial along with a unique acupressure scalp or hand massage with pure Aromatherapy oils.