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Reduce Stress & Promote Success In The Work Place



On-site Acupressure Seated Chair Massage


This unique massage helps bring physical and mental relaxation to the workplace, boosting team engagement and morale.
 massage is the most popular treatment and versatile within the office space, focusing on acupressure techniques applied to client’s back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp.

The benefits are endless!

🔹Relieves back, neck and shoulder tension

                                              🔸Reduce stress and headaches
                                              🔹Improve circulation
                                              🔸Prevents RSI
                                              🔹Feel good endorphins are released
                                              🔸Boosts the immune system

                                              🔹Increased awareness and motivation
                                              🔸Gives employees a greater sense of wellbeing and positivity

                                              🔹Increased performance and productivity

       🔸Boosts team appreciation and sense of value
                                              🔹No oil is used and performed fully clothed, so you can go back              to work feeling revitalised and refreshed.

It’s the greatest gift to feel appreciated and valued within the work place! 









Prices are £15.50 per person for 15 minute massage time / 20 minute appointment slot in total, but can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of the company.

* Prices are based on appointment slot required and agreed on before site visit.

**Any cancellations or no shows on the day will not be deducted and the price agreed will remain the same as the day has been allocated to the site.

***It is the sites responsibility to remind staff of their massage booking.


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